Thursday, November 6, 2014

Alphabet for Christians and Seekers after Jesus Christ

Greetings, Dear Ones!

     As Christians, we all know that Jesus loves us, and that He is forever ready, willing, and able to save us.

     We also know that under the agency of the Holy Spirit He is calling us to life everlasting.

     But, have we ever really thought about all the things the Jesus Christ does for His children – and those who are seeking Him – each and every day of their lives?

     Well, if you haven't, I have put together an alphabet to help us all see and understand what our Lord does to, and for, and about us without fail.

     As our Creator, Deliverer, Friend, Redeemer, Savior, Sustainer, He KNOWS us, and IS everything to, and DOES everything for us. Let's endeavor to make Him FIRST in our lives.

     I pray that this effort will in some small way help us to “see” Him a little more clearly.




for Christians and Seekers

after Jesus Christ


A    Aids, Answers, Anoints, Appeals, Appoints, Assures
B    Beckons, Bears Our Burdens, Binds Our Wounds, Blesses, Breaks Idols
C    Comforts, Cares, Carries Us Along, Covers, Closes Doors, Chastises
D    Defends, Delivers, Died, Discerns, Deals Fairly, Disappoints For Our Good
E    Edifies, Endured Our Cross
F    Fills, Faithful, Finds
G    Gives Good Gifts, Gives Grace
H    Heals, Helps, Holds, Hears
I     Implores, Imputes, Intercedes
J    Justifies, Jealous
K   Knocks at our Heart's Door, Knows Our Needs
L   Leads, Loves, Liberates, Listens to Our Prayers
M   Mediates, Manifests, Merciful
N   Never Forsakes His Own
O  Orders the Way of the Just, Opens Doors
P   Pleads, Prepares, Prompts, Protects, Purifies, Punishes, Purchased Our Pardon,
         Pardons, Purges
Q   Quiets our Fears
R   Restores, Reveals Himself, Refuge, Rewards
S   Sanctifies, Saves, Seals, Sends, Shades, Strengthens, Stills Our Storms, Sustains
T   Teaches, Testifies, Talks, Tests
U   Understands, Unites, Uses
V   Values Us, Values Virtues
W  Walks With Us, Weeps For Us, Wipes Away Our Tears, Washes, Way-Maker
X    -out Satan
Y    Yearns After Us
Z    Zealous For Our Love