Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do Not Listen To Satan!

Do Not Listen to Satan!

I told you do not to listen to that Old Satan

He is not your friend, I believe is what I said!

He's just trying to take you away from Jesus

Any means, any method, using women and often other men!

Satan, he does not like us humans

He despises the very essence of common man

Because, to him, we have taken what should have been his

And given it to Jesus, the Christ, the Prince Immanuel!

Satan dislikes, e'en loathes, anything that our King loves

He proved that fact, in First Man's Eden home

He longs for the praise, and the worship, that belongs to

He who sits upon the Everlasting Throne!

Don't believe him, when he says, that he can give you

The desires, and even the very longings of your heart!

He tried that one once, oh, yes, with his Creator!

He only wants to get you to walk into the dark!

Take you a lesson, in survival, from our King Jesus

When he was tempted, of Old Satan, long ago!

Jesus said: It is written! Get thee behind me!

Worship God! Eating bread is not everything!

Please, do not let, old Satan, catch you off-guard

Be thou prepared – like Gideon's 300 men

Be alert, on your guard, listen, look out for danger

Trusting in Him whose word will always conquer sin!

Bless the Lord! Worship the King! Trust not in fables!

Trust not your eyes, your ears, nor the longings in your heart

Seek not the world, its dainties, nor its bounties

Look to your Lord, the King of Everything!

Read the Word, not cunning fables, don't listen to smooth words

Which are designed for the be-knighting of the soul

Don't give in to him – Satan wants only our soul death!

Give in to Jesus, the King of Everything!

Give your all to Jesus, the King of Everything!