Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Opposers of The Truth

Opposers of The Truth

Trust not your soul to the opposers
Those who don't love the Word
Read you the Bible for yourself
It is God's immutable Word!

Those dread opposers of the Truth
Do not have a valid opposition
And they only oppose the Truth because
It makes true believers question their earthly tradition!

They also oppose the Truth because
It gives the masses power
And strength to stand up, and loudly say
"Lord, please take this stumbling-block away!"

The Truth opposers are separated from
The poor, the meek, the frail
By wealth, position, learning and
The rarified air they inhale!

They love not Jesus nor His Word
They've chosen Satan as their lord
And all around they feint and confound
Preferring destruction to turning around!

These men and women who oppose
The transcript of God's character
Try to deny Jesus access to the child
Who would upon Him safely rely!

They oppose, then propose new rules by which
Mere mortals should unerringly abide
Do what thou wilt!” is their song and chant
For that vile devil did them enchant!

Through seven church ages – six have passed
These opposers have been so bombastic
Deftly exalting human authority – what nerve
Over individual conscience – it's a curse!

Every human received at its conception
A free will, and a conscience, without exception
Which both inherently know to do the right
But doing the right seems oft' to come with a fight!

Let no man, parent, church nor the state
Remove from your will your conscience to activate
For each man, alone, will the Judgment seat face
And before the Lord his accounts he must state!

Each account is settled according to the work
Even the lengthy account of the Arch Deceiver!
For King Jesus is bringing each man his reward
As none can hide his account from God, the Lord!

So associate you not with The Truth opposers
Learn for yourself – The Word is not still!
Do not try to oppose God – you cannot win!
And the opposers of The Truth, they cannot you fill!