Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Prayer for The Fruits of the Spirit

Heavenly Father,
Have mercy on me because I am not happy.
Father, I am not happy because I just found out that I not only look like my daddy, 
but I also have his character.  
I lie, cheat, steal, and I bear false witness against my neighbors.
I am selfish and disobedient, and often walk in my own way.
I totally lack self-control and am often faithless to those in charity with me.
I may not like making a noise but, oh, how I enjoy causing a good riot.
I am not a nice person and I am asking You, my Heavenly Father
to make me like You!
I ask You, in the name of Jesus Christ the Righteous to
give me Your DNA, Your character. I want, no, I need the fruits of Your Spirit.
Grant me love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, forbearance, 
Self-control, and faithfulness. 
Lord, I really need the self-control and
I am pleading for the working of Your Holy Spirit to
help me to will and to do of Your good pleasure.
I don't want to be like my daddy anymore.
I need to become like You, my Father.
Have mercy, and bless.