Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Prayer to Receive a Mustard Seed Faith

Father, have mercy on me.
With every passing day of my life
I realize more and more that I lack faith.
I talk all the time about how much faith I have in You
And how I know that You will never fail me nor forsake me.
Problem is, Father, it is a very shallow faith because it works
As long as things go how I want them to go. 
Father, I am sorry for this good time faith that I have been practicing 
Whereby I have been looking at my situation, and not at You,
And I ask You, in mercy, to give me enduring faith. 
I am pleading, Lord, for the faith, the mustard seed faith
Of which the Master spoke. I need that faith which
lets me sit, or rest, in quiet and enduring confidence, 
Unshaken at the convulsions taking place around me. 
Help me to forget what tomorrow holds and, instead,
Remember Who holds tomorrow.
Help me to submit my will, and my way, to You and help me 
To accept, without murmur or complaint,
That all my trials are for the perfecting of my character.
Grant me, Lord, faith as big as a mustard seed
So that I can not just say that I have faith,
But that I will be unwavering in my belief that I truly have 
The faith which orders my life, so that my life, and living, will be an
Exemplar of Your faith, and faithfulness, working in me.
I ask this mercy in the matchless name of Christ, the King,
And I thank You for the gift that is today.

Oh, For a Faith That Will Not Shrink
by Morgan State University Alumni Choir