Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Old Saint

The Old Saint

The Old Saint sat down by her bedside
The old chair fit her body like a glove
The old Bible in her hand was worn smoothly
The old words on her warm heart still moved

Those old words in the Book became new each morning
The Old Saint's old faith became renewed
The old Bible's old treasures just glistened  
For new life is contained inside them

Each line on the old face told a story
Each line on the old hand told a chore
Each line around old eyes spoke of a vision
Every line spoke that story of old

Old religion, old faith, old mercy
Old peace, old love, old grace
Old Jesus, old cross, old resurrection
For new life everlasting is the goal

The Old Saint's old body will be new soon
Her old faith had seen new mercy every day
Her old faith unshaken, she'll see the new city
That city called by all Jerusalem

The Old Saint had said her old prayer for 40 years now
It comforted her to talk to Him each and everyday
She felt prepared for battle, and emboldened
For her Lord will be coming any day

Heavenly Father:
Keep this old heart faithful to the end, please!
Keep these old eyes trained by faith on my Jesus
The same one Old Satan denied, and then tried.
Oh, Lord, no matter the pain
No matter the change or sacrifice
Keep me faithful, for I want my prize
Just give me any old mansion in the skies.
My heart is content
My body may be bent
But my faith in my Jesus I won't relent.
My spirit feels young
To Jesus I belong
Bless me, save me, e'er long
I love you, Lord, will forever be my song.