Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Allegiance To The Lamb






I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
But there is more to it!  - I must be able to stand!
Words without action are words on the wind
There’s a lot of noise but no substance within!

Lord, grant me a little courage
Help me to stand firm
Stiffen my spine and
Lord, help me not to turn!

I love my King Jesus
But, oh how I am weak
Without His arm around me
I can barely speak!

Oh, comfort me Holy Spirit!
Dear Angel, hold me up!
Steady my gaze, firm my courage - be my fillip
Oh, help me, Lord, not to give in nor give up!

Bring, Holy Spirit, to my remembering
The words of His Comfort, the covering of the Lamb
Whose blood had been shed on dark Calvary
Righteous blood for the guilty, guiltless blood to save me!

Hope, faith, courage, Christ’s payment for me
Love, life, witness, I remember Calvary!
He bore my cross, He carried my shame
Help me, dear Lord, to let it not all be in vain!

I bow my head in worship!
I lift my voice in praise!
I put my shoulder to the plow
And count it all great gain!

Yesterday they came for me
Last evening was the trial, and
They gave me until 6:00 a.m.
To utter strong words of denial!

At 6:05 the man declared in dread earnest
That people like me  deserved to die, even in a furnace
For failing with this new world’s tenets to comply, and urged
Yes, Urged me to come along swiftly, as it was time for goodbye!

I know that I will live again though I die today for
I made no rash decision!
I pledged allegiance to The Lamb
For He made all provision, and leads me!


Psalm 5:8(KJV)
8 Lead me, O Lord, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make thy way straight before my face.