Saturday, December 13, 2014

Prayer: Father, Help Me!

Draw Me Nearer / I Need Thee

Father, please help me!

Help me to not denigrate Your holiness as I elevate my humanity to be like Christ, under the agency of Your Holy Spirit, for You are God.

Father, help me to express godly sorrow and show true repentance when the Holy Spirit convinces and convicts me of sin and error.

Help me to be constant in my acceptance that You are true in Your Word when You say that You have cast my confessed sins into the sea of Your forgetfulness, and help not to allow Satan to make me trot out confessed sin, wearing it as a hair-shirt and indulging in self-flagellation and thereby displaying my total lack of faith in Your faithfulness.

Father, you have forgiven my sins time and again, and I am asking You to help me to forgive those who seemingly relish their sin against me as they gleefully pay me the lip service that is their repentance, and help me to measure their repentance by Your yardstick, and not my own, for my hands are not clean nor is my heart pure, and I am truly fearful of what I would do without Your help and leading.

Father, it is really very hard to be kind to the unkind, to love the unlovely in spirit, to not denigrate the disparaging, and to be a blessing to the hateful so I am asking you, Lord, to help me look beyond their faults to find their need, and to be willing to provide that needed and necessary assistance as Your Holy Spirit leads.

Help me to stop being judgmental.

Help me to stop procrastinating with the tasks You have laid before me.

Help to stop speaking with a forked tongue.

Help to not be arrogant in my conviction of my rightness but at all times to display a Christ-like spirit in my interactions.

Help me to display humble boldness in my defense of  truth, for truth does not require color, nor spin, nor explanation by a sharp and arrogant tongue.

 Help me, Father, to find it in my heart to feel pity for those who do not care to pity themselves nor their circumstance nor situation, and to remember that, were it not for my acceptance of Your free grace I, too, would be in their condition.

Help me to show Your love by my willingness to do for my fellow pilgrims on the journey that is this life.

Help me also, Father, to stop acting as though I can save the world, or anyone, and help me to give all my burdens to You, for You are able to save, to help, and to heal.

Father, help me to be like the Apostle Paul to, in all things, and at all times, hungry or full, in want or in abundance, give thanks.

And, Father, help me to so live my life, that Your name may always be glorified.

I ask these mercies in the name of Prince Immanuel, and thank You for hearing and answering my prayers.

I love You, Lord.