Saturday, December 6, 2014

Prayer: Spare Me!

Prayer: Spare me!

FATHER, spare me from the curse of riches
for I fear that in my ease and abundance 
I will see no need for You.
Instead, Father, I pray that you will grant just enough
so that I will never forget from where my help comes.
Spare me, Lord, from an abundance of self-confidence,
for I fear that in my reliance on self,
You will become redundant
and serve no useful purpose in my life.
What ever pinnacle I, with Your blessing, may reach,
spare me, Father, from the rabid desire for the world's applause
for I fear that I may become so enamored of that dainty
that I will think myself a god to whom adulation is due,
and think myself ascended to be on equal with my Lord.
Spare me from that deadly sin called greed,
and teach me instead to be contented with what I have
so that I may eat grass and be ever so satisfied
because Your blessed hand has provided.
Father, help me to be happy for my neighbor when
good fortune smiles upon her, and help me to not covet
her possessions for myself because
I know, in my heart, that in due season
You will bless me also.
Help me to patiently wait upon You
for I know that You are able.
I love You.