Sunday, December 28, 2014

Whose Word Is It?

What Does YOUR Bible Say?

Listening to some preachers
Often makes me doubt what I hear
So because the Lord has warned us
I delve into His Word myself without fear!

"Study to show thyself approved!"
Were our Dear Lord’s good words
To teach us about diligence
And not letting others exert undue influence!

Open the Word - great treasure is hidden!
Dig until you find it - the Master has given
These pearls of great price for us to possess
And keep close e’er the strife or distress!

The day is a-coming 
When the world will be starved
Not for bread or for water
But for hearing the Word!

Please, don’t be like lost sheep
Ingest the Word and e’en share 
Amongst those that are hungry
And living in despair!

With the known Word in your stomach
With these pearls in your care
The Devil can wreak havoc
But he can’t you ensnare!

Hear it, and love it
Bury it deep, and set a guard
Upon this treasure from Heaven
Your membership card!

Remember the logo
From the company credit card?
If you’re a Christian - express it, and
Don’t leave the Word at your yard!