Monday, January 19, 2015

Lies Have Been Told!

Lies have been told
And I believed many
That our God was cold
And didn't give a half-penny
For our sordid lives
Filled with wars and with strife
Nor children dying before they’d seen life!

'Twas often I heard
What kind of God he
Who let daddies die
Before ever seeing baby
Or Mommy so sad
At being left behind
Turning on the ignition
And waiting for to die?

Oh, Father, there was a time when
I, too, wondered how
You could see such sorrow
And not correct it and disavow
Your hand in the occurrence
Your assent to despair
Your ignoring the hurting
The hearts filled with cares?

But one day with gladness
I finally saw the truth
Of how that Old Satan
Was stirring the stew
Of half-truth, dissembling,
Out-right lies and fabricates
Fooling man into believing
That You were cut-bait!

I read in the Bible
The Truth of the matter
That Satan, The Liar
The Trier, The Fire
Will do anything
To destroy what Jesus’ blood
Had covered in the cleansing flood!

Take Job for example
A righteous man, he
Who gave of his blessings
To secure so many!
Yet, Satan, in distaste
For this Man’s clear soul
Sought permission from Our Lord
To cause Job to leave hold
Of the Sanctuary of Safety
Because God’s hedgerow had holes!

But, Job, a true believer
Faithful, e'en kind he, and true
To the High Calling that is ours
Through eyes that were faithful
Never uttered those dread words of denial!

He lifted clear eyes to heaven
His voice he loudly raised
And uttered undeniable
And glorious praise!
Which words now for eons
Have caused Saints to hold on to
The Savior, for hope in the Beyond:
"I know  my Redeemer liveth
I know He shall stand
The latter day is coming
Upon earth He will stand
Though worms may eat me
I know I will see
My God, the Eternal
In this flesh, yes, I'll see!"

So don’t be discouraged
When sorrow and strife come
When sadness and suffering
When your life’s in the can
The God of the Mountain
The Lord of the Light
Has victories most precious
For those who endure the fight!

Let not the Evil One sway you
Don’t utter foul words
Of  denial of the Master
Don’t give Satan the last word!

We have won the victory
Our bodies they may burn
But our souls belong to our God
For in this Word we learn:

"That GOD so loved the world
That He with gladness gave
His Son, only begotten
That we might be saved."

The trials may be fiery
The darts may be fierce
Our hearts they may pierce through
But our souls they can’t stave!

Lift high, then, His banner
Sing loud the victor’s song
Jesus, the Savior
Will soon be coming down
To claim - for Himself - the faithful
The steadfast, the true
Those who for the Promise
Black doings went through!

He comes with all dispatch
The sky breaking through
The Angels are the escort
He is coming for me and you
Who held on for Christ’s life
A crown of glory to share
With all the blessed throng
To whom white robes do belong!

Sing praise through the storm
Sing praise through the fire
Sing praise to our Jesus
For Satan is ever a liar!