Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lord, I Need To Hate ...

Lord, I need to hate sin and Satan
Because I love Jesus, My Lord
Give me Your love and great courage
And help me make that hate real lest I fall!

Satan is dogging my footsteps
More it seems with each passing day
Trying to make me believe, the Old Liar
That You really don’t care after all!

I know well that Satan is the liar
I know well that Jesus Christ is really real
I know well that I need to possess Your character
Bless me, Lord, upon this thorny trail!

Father, the trials I face are so many
The blessings I see seem few, and far between
But I know it’s all a deadly delusion
To make me doubt You and act the part of an old fool!

Give me, this day, another victory
Give me another day to - in faith - stand tall
Give me another point of light to my favor
Make me a star for my Jesus, My Lord, My All!