Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Father, This is Just a Short Note

Father, this is just a short note to say that 
I love You!
I need You!
I trust You!
Father, I bless You for Your Hand of provision, and my deliverance, each and every day.
The trials are many (no cross no crown!) - that's not so bad - but it's the petty comments
against my chosen lifestyle that are a bit hard to take.
"Come and have fun!"
I don't want to have their idea of fun!
" You're going to die anyway!"
Lord I'll die in You - not without You, 
and definitely not regretful!
I know that I'll live again for You know my name, 
and it's written down with those of the saints of all ages!
Glory be to Jesus - I'll see Him as He is, with nothing between!
Home, home, my heart is beating!
Home, home, is all it says!
Home, home to be with my Jesus
Father, help me count the ways!
My transport to heaven is coming and
Yes! It's already on the way!
Thank You!