Sunday, February 1, 2015

God's Building a Church

God’s building a church - I’m helping!
God’s creating a ready people - I’m one!
Jesus is coming soon - I’m waiting!
Bless the Lord, it won’t be very long!

The elements will melt - good gracious!
No more sun - not even the moon!
Soon we’ll gather by that River
We'll walk there - just like the Angels - real soon!

Old things pass away - there is newness!
Newness of life - every day!
Bless God, bless God - I’m a pilgrim!
Walking toward New Jerusalem day by day!

I’m trusting King Jesus - my companion
To cover me as I go through the fray
For this journey is not for the swiftest
Nor is it for the ever so strong!

This journey is for he who needs a Savior
And for him who endures however long
Bless God - He made for us provision!
Bless God - He made for us a great song!

We’re marching to Zion - that Great city
Hail Friend! Join us! Please won’t you come along?!
The Savior is waiting your heart to enter
Please let Him in! He wants you to belong!

There is nothing on this earth that could ever separate you
From His love - the Shepherd of Rest!
Confess your sin, reach for His Hand - He offers
And you shall henceforth be forever blessed!

Dear One, give a ready answer!
He’s knocking!
Dear One, give a ready answer!
He's pleading for you!
Dear One, please answer!
He covers! He blesses!
Let Him in!
Jesus really wants to bless and protect you!