Friday, February 20, 2015

Got any Peas?

The modern church is thus defined
By three single peas
No! Not the peas you put in the pot
But the ones that so the people please!

First up is the Popularity P
Oh, how the brethren just love it
If you have reach, access and a strong grip
They’ll grab you for their fob pocket!

Second is the P of Personality
How the people love themselves a winner
They don’t fret, nor yell, as long as the rhetoric’s swell
Even if it’s leading them past heaven and straight on into hell!

And lastly there’s the P of the panache that is Prosperity
That prefers the riches of the earth - not the riches of God in heaven
But the Bible plainly says “use it here - you’ve had your pay!"
So what’s left when you’ve thrown Glory far away?

Dear Ones:

The Early Church also had P’s but they bore not even a passing
resemblance to the P’s in this Modern Church movement.

We have lost our sense of self as Children of the Master,
and we have been miscued on the direction and mission of the Church -
not the various denominations - the Church of The Living God which
Jesus Christ died to save unto Himself.

The Early Church lived as they believed, and chose poverty, peace-keeping
and proselytizing, suffered persecutions, powered on through
prayer, and many went to prison.

They achieved their Crown through the borne Cross!

We want to wear our crown without bearing our cross! Hmmm?

Time to change
Time to rearrange
Time to get out of the range
Of that old Devil!

Time to reassess
Time to confess
Time to get clean from the mess
That is modern religion!

Time to look at the Cross
Time to think of the cost
Time to know what will be lost
And do a 180!