Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jesus Takes Care

If you trust, He takes cares!
Become proud - He dismays!
He punishes His enemies -
They will not go free!
Ignore God’s commandment
And then you will see!

He’s patient!
He’s powerful!
He walks on the clouds
And when He is angry
He thunders right loud!

No one but our God
Can e’er be called good
No, not even one of us
On this side the flood!

Evil in thinking!
Wicked in work!
Unkind to our elders
We behave just like jerks!

And yet, when we bring home
Our chickens to roost
We yell and protest that
Someone’s picked our goose!

The fat feathered nest-egg
We stole and set by
Is sitting on a warm plate
Mash and gravy nearby!

Do good! - It’ll attend you!
Plant peace, and make pies!
Give alms to the needy, and
You’ll reap twice by and by!

God’s love is vast ocean
God’s grace is deep sea
God’s power is infinite
Yup! It’s even bigger than pi! 

Knock - He’ll answer you
Speak, and He’ll hear!
Pray, for His comfort
Is near and ready to share!

Don’t worry about the dirt
The desire, the despair
Reach out to King Jesus
And you’ll know that He cares!