Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lord, Where's My Soup?

Lord, where’s My Soup?
You said cast your bread upon the water
And this I gladly did
You said it would soon return to me
And, yes, I am eating my fill!

But, Lord, there must be some mistake
For in my understanding
Putting bread in water to soak
Should give me soup upon the landing!

Bread on water multiplies -
Soup is the resulting
And I know when soup is made
Inclusions make for great-tasting multiplying!

Soup does not one ingredient make
I know for I made some the other day!
There was chicken, sweet potato and English, too
Carrots, beans, cabbage, an onion or two
Sweet pepper, marjoram, thyme and parsley galore
And Gran’other dumplings
Lord, a treat was in store!

My soup even had in Split Peas and more
And a dash of sugar so the peas wouldn’t make my stomach sore
Lovely pumpkins, and a few dried pepper flakes
And a dash of sea salt, for old savory’s sake!

Now, Lord, You know that I speaking true!
Where de soup You promised, Father?
I’m depending on You!

Lord, I am not ungrateful for the bread
Some people don’t have any
And I know I could be dead!

But, Believer I am, Your’s is the word I trust
Maybe I’m getting anxious
Hence all this lotta fuss!
But, this my heart speaks -
I don’t covet nor lust
Cast bread upon water makes soup for certain sure
I have my bib, bowl and spoon ready
Lord, when You gine pour?