Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Life Is FREE!

Don’t lose your life over a penny
Don’t give up New Life for a pound
The Master is bringing His rewards for all with Him
And, believe me, there is going to be a throng!

The things in this world loud call you
The call of New World is still, soft, see
And if old world’s joys are what fills your eyes
New World for you won’t hold glee!

No jangling, no murmuring
No grasping, no pretty no petty besetting sins
No warmonger, whore-master, fornicator
Will find welcome when he beholds the King!

Think once, think twice you who are traveling
The path that offers no return
On your investment of time, talent, love and labor
Save filthy lucre and whirl around this dark world!

Our Master, the King of all Creation
Our Savior, Redeemer, our Friend
Is gently calling all to faith - and a life of fulfillment
Through repentance, and forsaking the ken of men!

The picture I hold in my heart of the coming Kingdom
Of love, joy, peace, and rest forevermore
Is not even a shadow of all the Master has
For those who are His children
Eyes, ears, have never seen or even heard the whole!

I have chosen to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation
I have chosen not to set my heart on this common world
I have lifted my heart to behold the Promise
And I know, thank God, I’ll not be marked for a stubborn goat!

I’m a sheep, a woolly sheep -  and thankful for it!
I won’t be stubborn - you’ll find no goat parts in me!
I’m trusting Jesus to deliver on the Promise of Calvary
Eternity’s the Place! - come along, please join me!
It’s beautiful, and wonderfully duty free!