Saturday, February 14, 2015

Prayer: Lord, Make My Pathway

Lord, make my pathway up the mountain rocky
So that I may have something to grip
For if the way is smooth, Lord, 
You know that I will surely slip!

Lord make my way straight and narrow
And help me walk like the proverbial arrow
For You know, Lord, that anything less
Will find me in hell's bar playing faro!

Fulfill my needs, Lord, don't give me my wants
For my eyes are bigger than my stomach
'Cause if my wants are wantonly met
The end result is much throwing up and sorrow!

Lord, keep contented ever my heart
Whether with little or much
Keep my hand in Yours, Lord,
For this world's cup is surely filling up!

Help me, Lord, to keep my eye on the Son
And my heart on the Holy Spirit
Help me to love You as I ought
For Beloved Jesus my lost life bought!