Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Talking to Jesus

Lord, I don't feel like praying
Your voice I do not hear
I have asked, and asked for a blessing
But You really don't seem to care!

My car broke down on the highway
My kitty has gone astray
My pantry is standing quite empty
And the refrigerator has nothing to share

Dear Child,
I know what you need, and provide it
That broken down car spared your life
Your kitty was carrying rabies
And you were eating away your life.

I always answer the prayers of my children
I counted the hairs on their heads
Your trials are for your perfection
And will lead you to eternal life!

Look well at all that befalls you
And know that My hand is there
What was meant to you for evil
In Me will turn out for good!

I called you for My purpose
You say you love your Lord
There is nothing that can take you from Me
For you're covered in My Blood!

Just keep praying to Me, I do hear you
I always answer for your good
Don't worry about the words - just call on Me
For I saved you by My Blood.