Saturday, February 21, 2015

VESPERS: At The End Of The Sabbath - Bait And Switch!

Bait and Switch

Satan would have us all to believe 
That God did a bait and switch!
That He substituted Evil Jesus as Lord
And tossed Good Satan into the ditch!

Satan would have us all to know
That he is the deliverer
That he is the one that set us free
From bondage in the Garden of Eden!

Satan insists that it is he who set us free
From Jesus and his mind-slavery
By giving us knowledge so we’d recognize
Jesus, and tell him to go away from us as
We need him not, for he’s a liar!

For Satan as good god 
Gives us godhood too
So that we can do what feels good
And take what’s desirable too!

Okay, my Friend, enough with this fairy tale
That Satan keeps sell/telling!
He, Satan, is the Liar, Deceiver, Purveyor of Sin
And you need your Book of Decodering!

Great the Bible - front and back
Joined together pushes back any attack
Precept and Promise, line upon line
Teach defense against Satan
His false prophets and their rhymes!

Trust the Book! It is God’s will for us on show!

Please confess, repent and pray
To receive you your share
Of the Kingdom Restored
For our King is at the door
Of your heart - He is knocking!
Open you unto Him for
He won’t just barge in
Like some beings I know!

Shore up your defenses!
Watch unto prayer!
Call Jesus Christ - the Redeemer
Almighty to save!

He is your true assurance
Against Satan’s sneak attacks
Hold Jesus up now I tell you
He is soon coming back
To give you Final Victory
To put Satan in chains
One thousand years long!
And then, for the Ultimate Show of the Age
He’ll release that Old Satan
For Armageddon’s Battle Stage
You don’t want to miss that
You want the best seats in the House!
Come on, and get ready!
Jesus' House must have a Spouse!

Gold, gold all around you!
You’ll walk on gold, too!
The River Water of Life
Is also there running through!
And guards - those Mighty Angels
Who excel in great strength
Are there as companions
No dogs they’ll let through!
So sit back, and relax,
And enjoy you the Show
Enjoy, too, this lil’ spoiler!
Satan ain’t returning no mo’!