Monday, February 2, 2015

Wants 'n Reliefs

I want my neighbor’s possessions!
My neighbor wants my peace!
Each wants what the other has
And neither want brings us any relief!

Lord, help us each to find comfort
In what You've provide for us
Help us learn to be contented
And stop running after what’s in the bush!

What more can any man ask for
What more can any man need
Than to know the love of Jesus
And daily His Word of Hope read?

For, in the Words of the Master
Each child is daily fed
The God of the Jerusalem Temple
Provides to each his needed daily bread!

So, if peace, my friend, not possession
Is Gods’s kind gift to you
Be thankful you don't have to learn like Solomon
That things don't make a comfortable bed!

Be contented with the Lord as your portion
You are blessed for He carries you along
Give praise that your stomach/heart is not empty
And sing! - for to Christ you belong!