Sunday, February 15, 2015

Your Best Life Now?!?

You do not want your best life now
In this old world of woe
For when all is said and done here below
Where, friend, will you go?

My Jesus has prepared a place for me
In the Father’s House
In a land fairer than the day -
And there is no night there!

Eye hath not seen nor ear heard
The plans that God has for His people
So think twice, friend, lest you should end
Up like those that are now called sheeple!

Don’t follow that great multitude
Who deny the Lord His right
To govern over all their lives
Though He has the might!

Don’t let Satan influence you to deny the Lord
As you well know that he has done
Reject him and his minions
And reach gladly for the Son!

Jesus, the Son, sacrificed Himself for you
Upon that shameful tree
Accept His death, His life raised on high
For He loves you mightily!

Study to show yourself approved
A watchman worthy of his hire
Bear your burdens and trials now
And tomorrow there won’t be any yelling about the fire!

Things don’t satisfy the soul!
Things, my friend, benight the soul
Of those who trust in the goods/gods of this world
And try to keep our Jesus under the sole!

Don’t be deceived! God is not mocked!
Know well that there is a reckoning
Coming for all mankind
Both the good and those unbecoming!

King Jesus is coming! All Heaven is coming!
Jesus’ rewards He is bringing in His hand
To give to each as he has worked -
I pray that you worked according to His Plan!

Work now! Night comes!
Live life for Jesus! Don’t live like a sow!
Look to the Light!
Make now your vow:
Heaven! I am going! And how!