Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance!
God’s faithfulness is great!
Think of His Kingdom!
Hurry! Time’s late!

Redeemed is the proclamation!
His joy is mine!
Ready your white garments, and
Leave sin’s suitcase behind!

Calvary lifted burdens!
Holy hands bore cruel nails!
Victory in Jesus -
My eyes have no more scales!

Yon pilgrim, there a stranger
They have traveled so long
To reach the Home of the Faithful
To acquire white robe and gold crown!

Jesus Christ is leading
The Holy Spirit's pleading
God made He the Way, so
Stand up for Jesus - He slept in your cold grave!

And because of His great victory
You’re no longer a slave
So pick you up your sword now
And in glorious battle engage!

No retreat! No quarter!
No rabble on the Line!
No fainting! Hey! No falling!
We are covered! Don’t look behind!

With eyes ever fixed forward
Christ’s heart on open display
Christ’s blood is our armor-all
We will not cease nor give way
To that enemy of our own souls
To that foul fiend of the night
Whose stratagems are ignominious
Ignoble, and a right fright!

Sound you off the song number
Call the time and the tune
Mark you step, and step deftly
Board Fair Zion’s galloon!

We will not be becalm-ed
We will not be o’erblown
We will not be torpedoed
Jesus Christ is manning the ‘phones!

So stiffen your spine with your praying
Steady your heart with the Promises
No more time to be wasted -
You’re no more earth-bounded
For you have a date with Destiny
With the King of Love, oh, so Divine
The Table is set - Banquet Hall is bedecked
With such great displays it’ll take Eternity to inspect!

Remember you your manners!
Follow you your guide!
The King! At last! He is coming!
So let your joyous praise rise!

A joyful hallelujah!
A resoundingly great anthem!
Thank you, God, for this - the victory!
No sin again! Hallelujah!
Never see sin again! AMEN!