Friday, March 20, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Prayer: Heavenly Father, Help me

Heavenly Father:
Help me not to listen to
The siren song called Good Friend
Nor to sing from the Sin of Presumption's music score!
Help me to stand up for The Right
So that I may in His Love delight!
Help me to ignore that fiend called Peer Pressure
Who always seems to know the best wrongs
Which will lead to my death
Should I bend, and with him walk along!
Help me to ignore the friendly Clique
Which claims to be my family
Begging me to conform
If I want to be considered a "norm"
Else I'll be treated like roast corn!
Help me to listen to the Gentle Harp
That is calling me to Soul Salvation
As I ignore the rolling bass drum 
That seeks to drag me into vile sin's scrum!
Help me to Set-aside Self
And seek Safety in The Savior!
And help me, Father, on this day
To choose Life and Godly Behavior!
Open my longing eyes to Your Holy Word of Truth and
Prepare my heart to receive it!
And when those who would teach the Word
Apply Lie's Bleach to adulterate the Word
Shield me so that their vain word to me is unheard!
And when the day should come that I
Shall stand before the Prosecutor
Deliver as promised in Your Word -
No fear of my interlocutor!
I love You, Lord, and I bless Your Holy Name.