Monday, March 2, 2015

Mankind's Three Temptations

There are only three temptations
That every man must face
The same three presented to our Jesus
When Satan He had to face!

Temptations’ categories are very specific
There is no need to go out looking for more
They are in your face and are clearly defined so
Draw near, and we shall have a look and explore!

The first temptation faced by our Savior Jesus
Is common, so common to woman and man
It is the Temptation to Appetite and Indulgence, and
Turning yourself into the proverbial garbage can!

Garbage in, garbage out - eye, ear, head and belly
We become that which we consume
So take a page from the Words of our Jesus
And tell Satan it ain’t all about the sweet food!

Second on tap was the Temptation of Presumption
When you tempt God to cover you as you go and do some crap
Believing that God has no choice but to be at your disposal
As you do the things that can cause you to take a dirt nap!

And then there’s Temptation Number 3! Ah, yes! This is the big one
The Temptation to Worship Satan and not worship Almighty God
And, believe me, this temptation is the real deal-breaker
For it resulted in Song Leader Lucifer’s inglorious fall!

As it did through the ages, in the last days, the issue of worship
Will be used to determine where each one of us is going to spend Eternity
Use your commonsense, your reasoning ability, your love for Jesus
To keep you upright as they push you up against the wall for failing to fall!

So, think hard about what this story is telling you
Protect your eyes, ears, heart, head, belly, and libido
Beg the Lord for His Mercy, Grace, Covering and Consolation
So that on that Day you won’t be begging rocks to hide you from God!