Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Milk and Honey!

Father, pray give me the milk of the gospel
That I may repent from my sin
Then give me the honey of strong meat
That I may not sin again!

The Land flowing with Milk and Honey
Is available to all who would take care
To heed the words of The Master
And His Salvation they’ll then share!

Problem, Father, that I am confessing
Is that in the churches we attend
The ministers are saying that mere men
Can’t ever be free from sinning time and again!

These ministers aren’t even feeding us with plain milk
For they don’t even believe in Your Word
And they deny that the work of the Holy Spirit
Can keep us from acting like street curs!

Father, You promised Your children
Discernment with milk in their insides
To know the good from the evil, and
How to be safe from Satan and his wiles and lies!

Father, You promised us also
Enlightenment with honey from Your hives
Refreshing again, reviving - not fame
But these preachers! Oh, Lord, what a shame!

These so-called ministers of the gospel
Are using Your Gospel as a basin catch-all
To collect tithes and offerings from Your People
To fatten up their retirement plans against a fall!

They seek to retire in luxury
Upon terra firma - the earth!
And their behavior is such an abomination
For they’re trying to prevent the Spirit giving birth!

The fruit! The fruit of the Spirit
Is sadly lacking - see how they perform!
Possessions, presentations, awards, rewards, banquets
With no showing of new culture nor reborn reforms!

Father, Your promised to Your Children
That Your Word would not return to You void
And we’ve built hope for our homes up in Glory
On the fact that You will not be toyed!

Set aside, and chastise!
Appoint to disappoint!
You are God! Your Word is the Way!
Come soon! Don't delay!
These people think they'll free get away
And so behave like You, God, are just a mere popinjay!

But we who believe
Trust The Lord to relieve
Us from soul assassins, and presenters from hell
So, again, we lay claim
To Jesus - He - always the same
For in sin's tomb He bore all our shame!

We seek for The Light!
We do what is right!
We reject Satan - He, the old fright!
We won't let another gospel steal us away
From Life - where time has no sand
And age can never make a grand stand!