Friday, March 13, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH and Pastors Pedaling Pablum

Preacher, why are you pedaling pablum?
Why, Sir, do you obfuscate?
Don’t you know we are nearing the City
Where sinners cannot enter in the Gate?

Why do you declare and decree that
God has promised earthly riches to all
When you know that is not what the Word says
And you know that you’re misrepresenting the Lord?

Why do you tell believers that Jesus wants them
To be perfectly happy in this life
When you know that we are just passing through?
Have you no fear of the Father
For it seems that Satan is ruling you?!

Why do you make the faithful believe that
Our God just needs a belly rub
Like He is just a Happy Buddha
Who gives spurious profits, peace and love?

Why do you not preach sin and repentance?
Why do you not preach salvation and grace?
Why do you not preach of the coming Judgment
When the lost will face permanent disgrace?

Why are you telling the people that God does not care
What we say, do, or are?
Don’t you know that God will hold you responsible
For those lost souls at the Judgment Bar?

Won’t you stop lying to the lost, worn and wandering?
Won’t you stop making Christianity a disgrace?
Won’t you stop making the faith of the faithful
Something you can pick up like a win at a horse race?

Repent, be reformed, seek God’s revelation!
Stop letting feelings and experiences guide your way
For Jesus Christ, Himself, He the Creator, said
“Come, let us reason today!”

Almighty God is the God of All Order
Almighty God gives every man a measuring cup
And the way you are misleading God’s people
Tells all that your cup is filling up!

So, if you want God’s wrath poured out upon you
Without mercy, undiluted, full strength
Continue the lawlessness that you are doing
And, believe me, upon you God’s indignation will be shed!

“Come out from among her my people!"
This message from God is a loud cry!
Come out, and live God’s people, for why, pray tell
Should you give up eternal life and forever die?

Buy truth, sell it not, all ye faithful!
Trust God and not mammon esteem!
Wear faith, hope, love, and charity for garments
And the Great God will bless you indeed!