Sunday, March 15, 2015

Prayer: Give Me One Word!

Father, when my life on earth is at its end
Give me one word on which my last breath I'll spend
Let that one word be the call of victory
"Jesus, My Lord! I come! Receive me!

If I may some soul encounter today
Listing from sin and living in decay
Lord, a kind word to this soul let me say
"Come unto Jesus
For He is the Light of Life on this benighted way!"

Let me, Dear Lord, a pattern of my Jesus display
Give me the strength to hold life's vanities in contempt
Grant me a heart like my Master's heart
And let me never from His right paths depart!

And, Lord, let this, my heart, be a residence fit
Beautiful, and bright, and shining with godly light
Let this heart-home be worthy of The King
And may it contain a voice to bless My King above anything!