Monday, March 16, 2015

Prayer: Help Me, Lord, To Remember

When ugly sin within me roils and boils
Help me to reject it, and from it recoil
When my known sin I must confess
Lord, help me never again it to possess!

When sin masquerades in pretty dress
Let me suspect it, and thusly address
All the pitfalls, and pranks, and put-ups inspired
To my Lord who has me through Jesus' blood covered!

When I’m acting all lily-livered
Not wanting to offend my friends though they do slither
Help me, Lord, to remember that Jesus Christ bought
Me new life when His Precious Life was made nought!

When I’m behaving stupidly
Saying and doing things right foolishly
Lord, I plead for, and accept, the rod of correction You apply
For I do not want to lose my home with my Jesus Christ on High!

Lord, I love You! Yes, I do!
And for this Old Satan has targeted me for attack
But, thank You, Father, for Mercy and Grace
For because of Christ’s sacrifice I will win this race!