Monday, March 9, 2015

Prized Memory Chest

I have an untidy table
That’s set up shop within my mind
It holds the trials and troubles of yesterday
And sins that I can’t seem to leave behind!

One day, I sat talking to Jesus
And wondered why this should be 
He looked at me so tenderly
And I just started to glow!

“Little One,” said Jesus, so kindly
“You say you trust Me, but no!”
“You give me all your troubles and trials,
But the sins, you just won’t let them all go!”

“I promised that I would cast all confessed sin
Into the Sea of My Forgetfulness!
I’ve forgotten, and forgiven you of them, but
You’ve locked them in your prized memory chest!”

“This is not what I want, Child, for you
For stored sin is like a diseased boil with a crust!
You pick it, and pick it, until you’ve torn the crust off
And it is soon running all over with pus!”

“No! Child of Mine! I offer you better!
I paid the price of your crimes!
I took to myself all your sins -
I love you enough to have died!
So, look to Me!
Give it up! 
Go all in!”

“I AM the Lord of All Creation!
I AM the Lamb of Calvary!
I AM the High Priest of the New Covenant!
I AM the Great King who set you free!”

“Look at my hands! Do you see these nail prints?
This is because I love you so much!
So if you say you love, and trust, Me
Wipe your table clean, and please fold it up!”

“With no space available for storage
No favorite spot for a safe hiding place
You will be free from Satan constantly accusing you
And calling you a Christian Disgrace!”

“My Child:
 I AM able to bear all!
I AM able to carry your load!
I AM the Lover of your Soul!
I AM Your Savior! Your Redeemer! 
I’ve got this!
I’ll see you at The Victor’s Abode!”