Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Satan Hates My Jesus

Since Satan hates my Jesus
Why, then, would he not hate me?
I am no match for his evil but,
Thank God, I know Jesus competes for me!

I cannot match wits with Satan
I have no shape-shifting ability
I am as God ordained it - I’m a pilgrim
And I won’t engage in vain philosophy!

Satan has six plus thousand years of experience
Studying man and using his wiles to defeat we
Who are unwary, oft unguarded, and often foolish
Thinking that Satan’s a friend when he’s sweet-talking for a fee!

Open your eyes, and give your heart to King Jesus
Trust His Word - He paid blood to save humanity
And if there was only one that He could die for
He would’ve done it for He loves us, truly loves us, don’t you see?

Here’s a heads-up for you, my friends and dear ones
Don’t get emotional, and don’t you get yourselves trapped
By earth's pretty baubles, and rotting, and rusting, bounty
Trust you in God if you want, really want, everlasting riches, and
Sign on to the Ship of Zion that’s
Bound for Heaven’s awesome, and wondrously great, glory!