Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Bible Is Full Of Bread

My Bible is a pillow
That is full of bread
It heals, sustains and leads me
And comfortest my head!

What nonsense am I talking?!
No, my Friend! I am no fool!
If you will listen for a moment
I will tell you a story true!

My Old Granny gave me a Bible
When said she that I was of an age
To know the right, the wrong and the ugly
It listed all on its page!

The Bible had stories of adventure
Idolatry, carnage and hard bondage
It contains stories of love and redemption
And even a High King sacrifice on a page!

Granny said the Bible is good for what ails me
No matter what situation I’m in
I only have to pray: “God help me!”
And read the words of the Sage!

The Bible has no pedestrian magic
It contains no sleight of hand
But it contains miracles of abundance
Straight from the Son of Man!

This Bible has food for the hungry
It tells of the raising of the dead
It tells of compassion for the unhealthy
And fixes those with demons in the head!

My Book contains all the wisdom of the wisest
King to ever have lived
It contains stories of great and fearsome dragons
And the King who kills them dead!

But in all the stories contained there
My favorite by far is the one
That tells that if I walk the straight and narrow
I will be exempted from the Judgment Bar!

It asks me to confess and repent of
All the wrong that I have done
And ask the Father by His Spirit to forgive me
Through the Blood of His Beloved Son
That covers and cleanses me from
The past, and the present, too
I just need to daily give Him my will
And I will walk holy too!

It promises that though I walk through The Valley of The Shadow 
I have nary an evil to fear
For The Savior is walking beside me
And He keeps every foe at bay!

And then one day that is coming
The King of Love, and Heaven’s throng
Will burst through the rolling scroll
And there will be triumphant singing
Which will be very,very loud
From all those who have kept the commandments
And maintained their souls in the Light
Joined by those of the Saints of all ages
Raised from the rest of the long night
To wing their way up to Home in Glory
Led by their King, Prince Immanuel
Where each will receive a crown that is golden
And find rest, and be eternally loved, and fed!

So, here! I have a bible for you!
Make it your very best friend as
It will comfort, guide, and sustain you
For it truly is Life-carrying Bread!

So you see that I am not lying
My Bible is no book of the dead
My Bible is living, dynamic, and its
Where I go to be led, comforted and fed!