Friday, March 6, 2015

The Gauntlet

I know that I'm throwing down a gauntlet
In that Old Satan's evil face
But there is nothing that he can do to me
For Jesus Christ stood up in my place!

Satan did his best to destroy me
He left no avenue untouched
He tried to maim, to break down, evil kill me
He thought he had me in his clutch!

But then one day I met Sweet Jesus
The King of whose I am
The Savior, my Lord, my Redeemer
For whose sin He left Heaven above, and came down.

To defeat Satan, Jesus had to die a death that was shameful
Jesus had to bear all the sin and the shame
Of the whole world, yesterday, today and tomorrow
He had to sleep in the cold, dank, ground!

But victory of victories
At sunrise, Jesus Christ arose the first day
And ascended, triumphant, unto The Father
Such a glorious day! Great day!

So, Satan, do what you know you want to
You have no part in this regenerated child
Who believes in, and holds on, to her Master
You know, Jesus, The Christ, crucified
Who paid my price - I stand a champion
Who died that I can now live
Get thee behind me, you Liar, you Hypocrite, you Murderer
Jesus Christ already crushed your wicked head!

Glory! Oh Glory! Hallelujah!
Come, My Lord! Come, Angel Band!
Come, wing me to my home up in glory!
For I earned me, through Christ's blood, my bona fides!