Monday, March 23, 2015

The Master vs. The Matador

When Jesus calls me unto life
He tells me before what I am to live for
Yet, Satan calls me unto death
And I am not one whit wiser at the core!

This paradox puts me in a quandary
Betwixt life to live, death to deplore
Do I trust the Master of Full Disclosure
Or Deadly Deception the Dragon Matador!

Heavenly Father - You are God
You live above the cloud - You rule in love
Open my eyes - cleanse You my heart
My will is on the altar - inspiration impart!

Deception, decay, denials, threats repeat
Dishonesty, deformity
Dismay, dread deceits
Deviants dancing in disarray
Demonic activity - everything a lark
If I choose Walking in Hell’s Play Park!

Deprivation  and denial of self
Sorrow for sin
Repentance off the shelf
Narrow walking path
Poor the life and the living
Hard words - oft’ misrepresented by the churls
Open communion with The Lord - not the world
Enter into Heaven when the sky unfurls!

Thank You, Father
For Full Disclosure
Nothing is hid from my sight
I may enter Your enclosure
As long as I walk
The Straight and Narrow Way
No deception from the Matador
From You can make me stray!

Thank You, Father!
Amen! Let it be!
You are The God of Love
This much I can see
I will You my will
My heart to You I give
I choose life today
Lord! Let me Live!