Saturday, March 21, 2015

VESPERS: At The End Of The Sabbath - Saints and Sinner

Jesus said that you must be newborn again!

Saints are Preserved
Sinners are Reserved!

Saints from sin they do repent
Sinners bold don’t e'er relent!

Saints always and ever they pray
Sinners just don’t give a care!

Saints they seek always to self-deny
Sinners oh, how they self-rely!

Saints look to the Eastern Sky
Sinners stuff themselves with apple pie!

Saints may have pockets that be to-let
Sinners seek for what they can get!

Saints seek always to be reformed
Sinners to norms they be conformed!

Saints to Jesus they apply
Sinners seek their eye to satisfy!

No more a sinner shall I be
I, now a Saint, forsake the Me
Looking to Jesus who set aside my disgrace
With His Blessing I shall see my Dear King’s face!

"No!" to Self!
"Yes!" to Him!