Friday, April 17, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Free Will and Wild Ways!

IF I am living for my body
It must be because I am lacking in Department Brain
Which means that I, therefore, lack reason and thus
Behave like a starved animal in chains
Hungry, restricted, abused
Abusing myself for lack of a  meal feel
Which gives stomach-Satan the upper hand
To make me do whatever he please.

God made us in His Image.
God gave us Reasoning Free Will
Not to be used like currency
On hypochondriacs needing placebo sugar pill.

Problem with this thing called Free Will
Is that we can use it however we please
To help, to hurt, to hound
To turn a frown upside down
Thence to cry foul when Free Will wastes
Wounds, wrecks, and rebounds.

Thought is to think
What foul is to stink,
And Free Will is tied to - and tried by - Responsibility.

You know right from wrong -
It is written in your Code
So living like a Lush in lard will clog up Free Will and
Waste your Living Soul.

Okay. Let us think this through once more!

I don't meant to be a bore
But Free Will wastes if used solely on food 'n mood!
Food fattens off a feed!
Mood maddens off a need!
And Greed is Old Satan's pet steed!

Everything about Freewill is summed up this way:

Food - either for the body, or for the soul.
Give The Giver your Will and
He'll guide your Way
Fill your Soul
And the needs of your Body
Will be met under His loving control!

Free will
Self will
Won't Self set free.
Pray to The Father
Get on the knee
Deny your Self
Put your "wise ways" on the shelf
Do it willingly
And then - by God's Grace - you will be set free.

WILL means:

W hat
L ove, I
L oad - Good in bowl - Bad for the soul!

Just Because You Didn't 
Pay A Penny 'n a Pound
Your Free Will
It Doesn't Mean You Should 
Sell IT To Sin 'n Satan for a (s)Cent!

Take the "I" out of WILL and add an "L" and it now means:

W illingly
L etting the
L ord
L ead.

Let us All strive to 
Our Almighty God 
to True Liberty by