Friday, April 10, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + When God Looks Upon This Face

From you I rate no second glance
Nor even a small, kind word
But when God looks upon this face
He sees beauty unreviled.

To you I rate no deep concern
To you I have no merit
But when Jesus looks upon this face
He says my life has His upon it!

You look outside!
You use earth-eyes!
You judge me on the surface!
But Jesus, bless His Holy Name
Decided His Love had no such limits!

He loves me not for what I do, or did, today
Or on some distant shore
He loves me for He knows I’m ill
And that He, Himself, is my only cure!

I see His look of love each day
And am blessed to know I - without merit -
Can ask Him for some favor small
And know He’ll not put strings upon it!

He loves me, and I love Him, too, and
In the grand scheme there's no need to shout about it!
But glory be to God on High
I’m blessed, and I don’t care who knows about it!

Christ looked inside!
He bled! He died!
And because He did, one day
I’ll be hailed in new body, perfect and glorified!