Monday, April 27, 2015

I Heard-Tell Of God!

I heard of a god - who is like no other god!
I speak of a god - who wants to be my friend!
I feel that this god - is worthy of my knowing
I have met this God and, now, I understand!

This god IS GOD - The I AM!
The Great Creator!
This God IS God!
He IS the Son of Man!
This God IS Love!
He is Faithful, Kind, and Righteous
And He IS God, and in His reflection now I stand!

No angry god, demanding a human blood sacrifice
He offers Grace, and Mercy, and Love, and Provision
He offers Hope even in the face of Failure and Disgrace
I've come to know, and love, this God of All Graces - The Eternal
And I have decided to cast my lot with Him.

I do not fear that He will leave me stranded
For He explained that taking me to His Fair Home is the Final Goal
He has stated well, that being in His Flock is no cake-walk
That I can expect opposition, denial, hatred and jail
Even betrayal, by friend, foe and, yes, even from family
And upon occasion, I can expect to face
Even death and the grave compliments of the Knave!

He further said:

“Look up! Always UP!
I am Your Father, and I overcame so Satan can’t treat you
Like so much safari game!
Satan will oft’ temp, terrorize and even afflict you
But stand firm in My Love
For I filled in your grave!
Blessed be the ties that bind you to Me and My Father
To Holy Spirit, to the Kingdom of Truth
And Light and Life - to be saved!
I gave My All, and whisper ‘Come, all you who labor
Come unto to Me all you who e'er would find Rest!’
I AM The King of Life and I AM The Shepherd
All in My Flock will always safely graze
In pastures green, where gentle streams o’erfloweth
Where Angels excelling in strength
You excellent guardians be!
I sacrificed My Life
So your personal griefs and pains have meaning
For they are your badges of honor on display
Proving that you are My Child
That you are gaining Home by the Blood of My Sacrifice
Walk on Blessed Child
For you don’t ever walk alone on your own!”

So, Friends, you see
I met The God worthy of my person and my worship
I met The God - The God who IS Love
Not the god Titillate
Not the god of Reasoning Self-Pride
Not the god of I Own It
Nor the god of My Self-Interest
And definitely not the god
Who is always presenting himself as a clone!

I am testifying to personal knowledge of The God
That I am offering to you, Friend Dearest
Gentle, Faithful, Kind,
Constant, Pardoning, and Free
No fees
No clubs
No bungling instability
My God IS The Lord TRUE
Not carrying Pride nor specious Vanity!

He offers a Home through Faith
By Prayer and Supplication
He takes requests
And is willing to be the Welcome Guest
Even in your lowly abode!

One day - He affirms - He is coming in a Glorious Train
To take me to His Heavenly Home
Where I will never find myself a part
Of the Satanic Game of Trade Parade Charades!

I’ve accepted His Offer of Salvation
Justification and Sanctification
And have become a part
Of the Family He calls His Bride
He says I’ll wear White, and Gold
And I will be Glorified
And gain winged flight
To highest heights and beauties unknown!

I like This God
Unto love, more and more
With time’s passing
I see no downside
To giving unto Him my final fate
His only warnings are
Be not deceived by counterfeits and
To answer His Call, when it comes
Don’t wait or it may be too late!”

God Called - I Answered!
I Pray - He Answers!
I Cry - He Cares!
I Lie - He Paid!
I, A Slave - He Entered The Grave!
He Ascended to The Father - I Pray for His Return!
He is Returning - I Pray, and I Await The Day!

Even so, My Lord and My God ... Come. COME!