Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Met A Man

Today I met a man!
He said he could free me from Sin!
He said he could make my life over, and
That he'd clean me from within!
Today I met a man!

Today, I met a man!
Oh, what pleasures he offered!
The joys! What laughter!
He said forget the Hereafter!
Today I met a man!

Today! Two Men!
Two Joys! One Plan!
Calm and Elan!
Today, I met a man!

Today I must choose a man!
Choose sorrow and pain
For later Joy Unrestrained, or
Wild gaiety, and tomorrow
What will be, will be!
Today, I must choose a man!

I asked each one a question
But only one replied!
He said He chose to die for me
To spend Eternity with Him so
Today, I chose The Man!

All that glitters is not gold!
All that laugh often oft' hide bare souls!
I choose to take the sorrows now
For one day I will no more plow
For I'd have reached the furrows' end, and
I'd have planted and tended my ground
And at Harvest Celebration
I'll wear a Victor's Crown
Rewarded for my battle long
And Joys Everlasting will be my song!
Thank God! I chose The Son of Man!
Have you met a man?