Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jesus Wants To Be First!

Jesus wants first place!?
Who does He think He is?!

My life is my own
And my business!
Why won’t He leave me alone?

I asked, and asked
And got the response
When Jesus, Himself, answered me!
He said that I was created for His pleasure
And that His dying justifies me!
He said that He set me apart
That He sanctified me
That He called me to be a joint heir with Him
In the Kingdom of Light
His Father’s delight!
Jesus talked, and talked, and I listened.
But ... there was another voice
On the Channel Carewave
That Voice!
It was loud. melifluous. proud.
It was making Jesus’ voice seem far in the cloud
But, I - strangely, somehow, no longer had a taste
For the loud voice interrupting
My so sweet commune
With Him who took the blame
For things of which I’m ashamed -
Screamed: “Be gonnnne! You’re not crowding Him out!”

“Master, I’m sorry
For my sin, even my folly and
I yield my decision to You!
You can be First
In this life I’ve rehearsed!
Please change me, Lord!
Clean out this hearse!”

(Sung to the tune of Jesus Loves Me This I Know):

Jesus loves me
He’s my First
Cleansed my heart
Reversed sin’s curse
Don’t let Satan your bubble burst
His only gifts
Will leave you needing to be nursed!


Jesus must be first!
Jesus must be first!
Jesus must be first!
Always! Only! Everyday!

Jesus Christ must be the First
For His death reversed the Curse
Let Him in your life hold sway
He’s The Answer!
Come to Him today!

Jesus is The Shepherd
He’s your Redeemer!
He is your Savior!
He’s calling! Please don’t delay!

C hoosing
H ell
A s the better
O ption to choosing
H eaven!


C hrist 
A lone gives Heavenly Hope and honestly
L oves
M e despite me!