Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No Brittle Heart Can Cry!

Today, I had a thought
And, I must confess
That a heart that can cry
Is a heart that is blessed!

Today, I met a man
Who was bouncing a pretty ball
And he sought by his actions
To cause me to fall!

Then, I met a man
Who was wearing working jeans
Who set out with vileness and acidity
To make me feel unclean!

Then, yonder was the man
Good-looking, and striking, tall
Who, in dulcet tones and cultured vanity
Tried to make me answer Satan’s call!

And then, I met ... Him
Who prodded, and me open pried
And with love and gentle touch 
Oh, how He me tried!
My still-longing heart broke
And, with body heaving, I cried:

“Lord, save me!
I’m helpless! 
I’m tired!
I feel pain! 
Lord, my soul is so poisoned
And I duly so complain!
I worry, and wonder -
I’ve wandered - gone astray!
Please, Father! Please help me!
I don’t want to go out in sulphured flames!
You gave me great treasures!
Yes! Laughter and tears!
Tears for my cleansing
And Laughter’s healing claims!
I laugh for Your healing!
I cry - for, Lord, You cleanse!
Please, put a pin in Old Satan!
Please, Lord! Defend! Defend!
Put my tears in Your Bottle!
Hold my heart in Your Hand!
Shelter me with Your Wings!
Save me! I bought #TheJesusSavesPlan!
I deposit my sins
My repentance, my will, and my way
And eagerly await
Compound-compound interest
And dividends so grand
When the Pearl Gates are swung open
By Your Great and Mighty Hand
For my triumphal entry into 
My Heavenly Home in Beulah the Land!”