Sunday, April 12, 2015

PRAYER: Protect Me, Father, From Self

Father! Hellllpp!
Self is bothering me, and I don’t like it!
Everywhere I go all I see is Self!
Everything I do all is hear is Self!
And every comfort I seek is always about Self
And I am getting really tired of this!
Why can’t it - just for a change - be about Other
Or even Somebody Else?
Lord, I am willing, but Self is winning
And this is killing me ... slowly.
Grant me Your Grace
That I may replace
The disgrace in my face
With love for the fearing
Light for hearing
Sight for the daring
Comfort for the burden-bearing
Caring for the soul-sick and searching
And friendship for the former foe now friendless.
Help me, Father, to forsake Self and to

Seek an
Life of
Faith - not feeling.