Friday, April 3, 2015

Salvation Is NOT For Sale!!

Salvation for sale?!

Salvation for sale!!
Come and get your salvation
Salvation for sale!

Salvation on sale!!
Salvation on sale!!
It only cost its Creator
A cross and three nails!!

Salvation for sale?!

Salvation for sale!!
Get yourself your own salvation
Forget the burial detail!

 And then ...

I turned the corner
And there whom I should see
But Jesus, The Creator
Saying so softly ...

“Salvation is free!
Salvation is free!
Get your soul’s salvation
I give it to all freely!”

“No money, no price!
No lie! No device!
Get your free Salvation!
Don’t roll The Liar’s Dice!”

“Salvation is mine!
I paid for your crimes!
Get your free salvation
No need to mortgage or even buy twice!”

“Free Grace!
Undying Love!
Untrammeled Mercy!
These come not from the Pastor
And assuredly not the Pope!
I, the Creator
I, your True Friend
I offer you an inheritance
Not vain promises of men
Who speak lies for a profit
Who profit when you've  paid
Whose sole motivation
Is to acquire money and fame!
I offer no early riches!
I offer you Earth’s hatred and disdain!”

“And when your battle hard
Is victoriously won
I offer you My Crown
A seat upon My Throne
A mansion of your very own
A new name plus sweet peace
And a walk never alone
Living in Glory - Almighty God’s Home!”

“Come along and walk with Me!
No! Don’t buy salvation today!
Son of Man - He alone gives it away!”

“Salvation is free today!”



“Please pray!
Don’t pay! Don't pay!
I, alone, can make the Way!
Salvation is free to you ... today!”


“Salvation is free to you!