Sunday, April 5, 2015

Super Christian!?

Your broad hat nearly took out my eye!
Your high heel nearly severed a toe!
The baubles on your dress dug a hole in my side
And, Lady, I must confess that your words
To sweet, old  Brother Joe were offesive
And they have me feeling mighty sore
Since you say that you’re a super Christian -
Which designation the Holy Bible doesn’t spell -
And your current behavior, my Sister, is that of a bat outta hell!

Gizmos and gadgets do not a Christian make!
Loving grace, and a quiet spirit
Is all that it really takes
To point a dying soul to The Lord Of Love Has No Limits!
So take off your war paint, and
Lower the volume of your voice!
Look to the Lord Jesus, and learn to rejoice
For the soul who is reaching for His Savior to find
And get a grip on yourself - your behavior is asinine
And behave like a real Christian
Like Jesus Christ in really thine!

Today is a new day!
Another opportunity to a good example set
And stop misbehaving! You're acting like a whelp!
Jesus gives the victory over all that besets!
So take a page out of my book
And seriously get yourself some help!

I once was just like you!
But, bless Jesus, I have changed
Or else, believe me, I tell you
I would rearrange your face with my shoe!

You don’t kick little puppies
And you don’t survive on lies!
So get thee behind me, you child of Satan!
You’re making me itch like I’ve got hives!

Father, have mercy on us Your people
Satan is walking among us today!
Lord, oh how we're being led astray!
Renew in us gentle spirits!
In straight paths Lord, let us glide!
Lord, give faith to the faithful, and
Lord, let Your sweet love in us all abide
For we are fast, fast, failing, and
The searching soul we depress!
The needy is seen as an eyesore, and
The poorly dressed is to us a laugh fest!
Have mercy, Dear Lord, I beg You!
Please renew us! Please make Thou us clean!
And while you are at Your remaking, Dear Father
Start with me, and that wicked Isalene!

Dear Ones:

A simple question: What example have we set OR are we setting for those seeking after our Master?

I sincerely pray that it is the example that says "I'm a Child of The King of Love who shepherds me!"

Let's think on this!