Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Harvest

There is going to be a harvest
And all mankind will be there
There is going to be a separation
That some will have to fear!

One part harvest is a reaping
One part harvest a gathering, it's true
Look sharp! It may be painful for some men
But it doesn't have to be painful for me and you!

First Harvest is of the Wheat field
Beautiful grain for Heaven’s Granaries
Jesus Christ, Himself, is the reaper
And, oh how He is going to be pleased!

Second Harvest is of the Vineyard
Bountiful Grapes quite bursting with juice
And after the Angel puts in the sickle
Angry God’s Wine-press will be running profuse!

Difference in these two harvests
Is that the First Harvest leads unto rest
The Second Harvest that goes into Angry God’s Wine-press
Is of those who made Christ a joke at The Laugh & Roll Comedy Contest!

Those of us who accept Jesus
And His Sacrifice on Calvary
Will be going Home to live in the Household of Heaven
And will be going there Special Delivery!

Those who laughed and rolled in denial
Of Jesus Christ and His sovereignty
Their blood will be running down the roads for 1600 furlongs
And carrion birds will be feasting! - God called them to throng!

Choice is yours! This much I will tell you
Wheat grass, wheat juice, wheat bread, wheat kernel
I know that I am staying in Jesus’ Wheat Fields
My intention - God’s Grace - is to be of a beneficial nature to the Kingdom
So home to Glory, Jesus Christ will me safely lead!

I pray, my friend, that you won't choose to be a grape that
On the cluster will be thrown into the Press
For to be trodden upon by God’s great anger
Seems to me to be a thought I wouldn’t want to ingest/digest!

You are not me nor am I you
Each man has his own salvation to work out
Salvation is to save what no salvage is to cast out
Garbage to be burned - no rubbish to be left about!

So think! Think hard! Think harder, longer!
Reach for Jesus - He is reaching out to you!
He calls, and calls, ever so gently
Don’t let Satan’s beat box and TV block Jesus Christ from view!

Pray to God, in the name of Jesus
Invite the Holy Spirit to teach and guide your way
Bow your head and hail the Master
The offer of Salvation could close any day!

Calling is Jesus’ way
Pleading for you not to delay
Promising a bright future
Jesus is calling - please don’t turn away!