Saturday, April 18, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: God Bless, Build, Burden and Blind and Help Us!

Gaining Heaven Is A Participatory Endeavor!

We cannot, and should not, believe or behave as though, live or die, win or lose, lie or deny, Heaven - like turkey on a sumptuously laid celebration table - is waiting for any and all, whether early to commit or late to arrive!

Heaven awaits those who R.S.V.P. their acceptance of the Formal Invitation by the specified Due By date - which is upon receipt of the Spirit's Call - and we will not be permitted to call up a friend's father's favorite frat brother to bounce another person and get us a preferred placement.

Each Invitation To Live In, With, and For Jesus Christ is Private and Particular and Personal and Pointed:

Private to YOU, ALONE! 
Personal for YOUR HEART ONLY! 
As finite beings of dying dust, energized by The Creator's Life's Breath, we can at any moment expire without a prior written, and received, and accepted, and filed, Notice of Immediate Action.

There is no appeal. There is only acceptance, and compliance.

So, with this eventuality in mind, let us accept that:

God's Mercy is Faithful. 
God's Goodness is Love. 
God's Angels watch over His Children
And the Light of Life shines from Heaven Above.

And let us ask God to:

Bless the Heart that shares God's Word. 
Bless the Head that seeks to reason with God. 
Bless the Feet that walk in Right Paths. 
Bless the Eyes that seek to do Good. 
Bless the Hands that work to show God's Love.
Bless the Body which is traveling to The Home Above. 

Let us, therefore:

Bless Our God for His Sacrificial Love
which gives us the Right to go Home!

And let us ask Our Father to:

Build up in us a dynamic Hope for our Heavenly Home. 
Blind our Eyes to Sin and its leaven. 
Burden our Hearts with Love for our Fellow man. 
Help us to do Right while Life shall stand. 
Let us a Help to our Brothers and Sisters be while
Showing the same love as Christ in Galilee.

Heavenly Father,
Let our Bodies boldly bear the brights beams of the bracing beauty of Beulah
Let our Ears eagerly extend to entrap Eternity's Enlightenment
Let our Eyes eagerly envisioning Everlasting Life
Let our Feet freely follow The Father in Faith
Let our Hearts hold heady hope for Heaven
Give us Helping Hands that hold Healing and Hospitality
Hold our Lives as Lost in Love for the Living Lord
Let our Mouths make Majestic and 
Meaningful Music on our Mission for The Master
And, at the end, Lord, let the
Saints' Spirits spiral in unmeasured satisfaction in the splendor 
of the Sacrificed Savior as we go ... Home! AMEN.