Sunday, April 26, 2015

Worshipping God With Prostituted Praise

She stood before the Altar
And, oh, how she did preen
Her chest puffed up in grandeur
And her eyes began to gleam!

Today was hers to offer worship
Today was hers to give praise
To the God of All Grace - He's Glorious
And that's when she forgot her true place!

She lifted her hand - such drama!
She pitched her head - such poise!
She raised her voice - quite effectively!
And then she started to make ... real noise!

No broken, contrite spirit
No penitential heart
This was an arrogant spirit
Believing themselves the Lark!

No love for God displaying
No thanks for Grace bestowed
No display of humility
Just look at me! Aren't I wonderful?!
Please! Enjoy ... the Show!?

Lord, forgive us this day our trespasses
Help us to do better for we know
That You are the God of All Graces
Who will forgive us when we show
That we are humble of spirit
Showing ourselves ashamed
Of living our lives, and prostituting
Your Praise to gain worldly fame!
Help us who know better to do better!
Help us to not encourage such vulgar displays 
Of pride and arrogance
For we're not at man's decadent concerts
Nor the corporation's annual dance!
Help us set aside self, pride, and position!
Help us to Hallow Your Name!
Help us to help us to be children of the Son Light
And not of the Floodlight
Where Sin and Salvation are incompatible
Where Grace and Conviction are enemies
Where Prayer and Prostitution are in order
And sold Talent is the gift of the Soul 
To wicked men working for The Enemy!
Mercy! Dear Lord? Mercy!
Have Mercy on us today!
Father, please hamper Self!
Please hide our souls in Your Sweet Spirit
And let Heaven - not Fame -
Be our true - and only - goal!