Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God, The Creator, Created Creation For His Created Creature, Man

When God was making His Creation
His intention was quite clear!
He was making it for Man of His Likeness
Whom to His Heart He held quite dear!

Nothing was made in a vacuum!
Man's purpose was clearly laid out!
Multiply, Replenish and Conquer for
You are not here to muck about!

Everything God made was Good in His Eyesight!
Everything has a Stated Responsibility!
Nothing on The Planet is idle
Not even The Ant, Tick nor The Fly, Tsetse!

Light was given Pole Position
Representing the Light of the World
The Working of the Holy Spirit
Making a Saint of the meanest, vilest churl!

Life of Man was Creation's Penultimate Glory!
Man - The Likeness of The Eternal God!
Man to worship His Maker
Not The Elements, not The Goat but The Great I AM!

Man's Life was gotten from the Life-Giver
The Light of Life - Light of the World!
All required was following One Simple Instruction
And Man next to Angels would whole holy before God forever stand!

The Crowing Glory of Creation was The Sabbath!
An exemplar was set before Man!
Remember Me! Memorialize My Creative Endeavors
And nothing can make you other than Forever Free!

But ... Envy and Pride and Hatred
Slithered around The Garden Beautiful - Eden - Man's Home!
The Lie led to Disobedience
Which led to Murder you know ... Death
And we have been forever since dying, you know ... Stone Cold!

The Lamb, the lamb, the Sacrifice
Came, lived, taught, was betrayed, by greed for little gain
And envy for what could not be available
Propelled by The Deep Hate of That Snake
Seeking worship from The Lord who did him make!


Fast forward today to This Period of Time
Where indwelt men have usurped God and His Authority!
To destroy God's image - Man
They've come up with an Alternate Plan
And Man's Butt is in a Sling and over The Can!

Man is God!
God is Man!
ManGod has a Fool for a Client
And numerous are The Clients who are ISO 9002 Compliant!
They follow Man-made Creed!
They live at High Speed
And cannot "their" Planet even feed!

Listen, My Friend!
This is The Time of The End!
Get a grip and seek after The Lord!
Calling God Man does not make Him a man!
He keeps His own Good Records, and
Vengeance is His!
He's The Almighty!



Will Escape




The Scales Of Life

My life was placed on The Balances!
I got me a big surprise!
I thought that I was a Christian
But I was living a big lie!

First, My Life was one sided - No Jesus!
Nowhere Him could I see!
Then ... Life balanced... perfectly!
There was Jesus and me: fifty-fifty!

"Impossible!" I said.

No good life I have led!
Something is all out of wack!
If I am following Jesus The Christ
How come Sin and Self are heavy on my back?

"Unload the scales!"

"Unload the scales?"

You haven't given yourself away!
You're your own god!
You're listening to The Fraud
And The iGod and The Lord 
Are packed in the same pod!"

My Lying Life laid listlessly
Loading me down with Carnality!
Jesus and Me?
Best Buds!
Who needed a God
When I totally had ... Me?!

Oh, The Shame of Discovery!
Oh, The Sorrow!
Such Pain!
Such Strife!
So, I put Life under The Knife!

And ... this is what happened at The Scales of Life:

I TOSSED into The Jesus Side of The Scale -

iOwe Allegiance To XYZ & ABC for 1, 2, 3
Cross and Blood Nails
Petty Distractions
Grand Escapades
Lusting and Lying
Base Friends
Licentious Serenades
Stealing and Goads
Mini Gods
False gods
Demons and Toads
Those Frogs that Masquerade
As Friends in White Clothes
But are #AmbassadorsForSatan
Sharing out False Gold!

I TOOK from The Jesus Side of The Scales -

Jesus Blood Saves
New Life
Be Ye Saved
Heaven in A Few Days
Cast Away Your Fear
Trusting and
Give God Your Days
Desire Of The Ages
Glory To Be Gained
Faithfulness and
Sing to Him Praise!

And then ... I Beheld The Scales of My New Life -

I was High in The Air!
Jesus was bigger than Life' n Strife!
I had severed Earthly Ties and now despised
The Lying Distraction eloquently called
Best and Fulfilled Life!

My Life is My Own
And I have it Disowned!
I have given it to Jesus
For it He Atoned!

So, Satan, don't call Me
In your dulcet tones!
You have been dethroned!

The Best Life


The Saints of God


The Coming Attraction!

Monday, June 29, 2015

No Created Being Is God To Nor For Me!

#AManCanNeverBeGod, and
I am not my own god!
I cannot protect perfect My Self for
Chaos and Confusion follows
And guns get taken off book shelves!

I am a Created Being!
The Living God - Himself - laid me out!
He numbered the hairs on my head
And made it possible for me to skip, and shout, and run about!

My Purpose was set forth for me:
Worship God, Honor and Obey!
And the Freewill that He gave me
I give it back to Him everyday.

I do not choose to be Willful and Wicked!
I do not choose to Sin - just because!
But because I am a Fallible Being
I place My Trust in The Holy God!

God set forth The Plan of Salvation!
His Beloved Son chose to die for me
And because of The Blessings I'm receiving
I choose God - not man, nor vanity!

I am not my own God!
I bow before The Lord - Jesus Christ is He!
I worship and bow down before God Almighty, and
Not some clown who goes to the bathroom just like you and me!

There is No God 


The God of The Holy Bible!

The Creator of Heaven and Earth

The Seas 


The Fountains of Water 

as set forth 


The Fourth Commandment 


Exodus 20:8-11

as set forth in Genesis 1:1

as set forth in John 1:1-4

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Almighty God Is Near!


I bow my heart
My God is near
I'm open to Him
My Soul is prepared
To let Him Have His Way with me
To do His bidding acceptably.


Rock of Ages!
Jesus is Mine!
I was a sinner!
Life wasn't divine!
I ran with The Reprobate!
Hate I did elevate!
But one day King Jesus told me: 
"Time's getting to be late!"

I didn't want to listen!
I wanted to play!
Jesus said: "Child, you're giving Eternal Life away!"
He had my attention!
I opened My Door!
I felt Just Elation!
Sin held me No More!


I'm telling this story!
I'm singing a new song!
I now him cast down!
Jesus The Righteous
Opened The Gate
I walked through it gladly
And I won't suffer the sinner's just fate!

PRAYER: Against Wickedness in High Places



Lord, have Mercy upon us

For Wicked Men for a penny in gold
Have your Beloved Children
Unto Old Satan Sold!

Lust for Worldly Pleasures

Lust for Newsworthy Gains
Has upon Your #PrayingPeople
Brought great pain and vile shame!


For not praying enough
Help us get rid
Of the Snuff and the Fluff
Which upon us
Brings down Your Mighty Wrath
Lord Jesus, Have Mercy
Destroy The Gold Calf!

Little, it seems, do The People know

That Little Sin always greatly grows
To consume The Bold Feeder proud
Until he begs for mercy
As he's choking on The Demon Frog!

Lord, help Your People faithful be!

Let Your People walk on Holy!
Let The Faithful People be
A Righteous Example to The Ungodly!

Let us show The Wicked World You!
Let us not keep You hidden from view
For Our Day is setting fast!
At the Last Trumpet
We will see You at last
And Sin and Old Satan will be on Blast!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Why should I look in The Mirror?
What is there so special that I must see?
Why is it important to look there?
Is there something there to revere?

I look in the mirror!
What do I see
Nothing but an Old Sooner
Looking back at me!

I see a pimple, a bump, a bruise!
I see an Image holding a loose screw!
I will not look deeply!
You can't make me!
I refuse!

Looking too deeply
Brings up bad news!
Of being immoral, willful, even unwise
Of #PlayingWithGod
Of half truths and white lies
Of lusting and listing
Lampooning and Gaffes
And worshiping at altars
Laid for Golden Calves!

Most giddy!
Drunk on #NewWine!
Bowing to Jesus but showing my behind!

Teasing the Tawdry!
Twisting to taunt!
Showing myself Righteous!
Kissing The Scamp!

Telling The Old Story
From The Profiteering View
Praising I-God
And snuffing out The Truth!

Enough already!
I don't like this Review
Either get away from me or me renew!

This state of constant conflict is wearing me down!
Either you fix me up or put me, lay me down!
I need to rest!
Enough is on my chest!
I can feel it swelling!
Oh, God, give me Blessed, Sweet Rest
For I am at the end
Of  My Rope and My Chain!

This is The #DayofDecision!
Lord, You I now claim
For my Eternal Portion
For my Peaceful Plot
Untie, Lord, untie me
Before me my Blood clots
Chop You, Lord, Satan's Dread Knots!

Put Life's Blood on my Skin
Run The Water through my Veins
Give me #RighteousGarments for
I humbly surrender The Cruel Nails!

Little Sin Lied!

One day I met #LittleSin
Who was seeking for a home
He told me that he didn't eat much
He just wanted some place to call his own!

Naive and Gentle as I was
I saw no harm in helping
A weary traveler on the Way
Looking for a safe place to stay!

Little did I know that day
Little Sin had a Game of Beguilement To Play!
When I wasn't looking his way
He was in my cupboard eating away!

Much Time had passed
And I asked one day:
"Little Sin? When are you going away?"
He growled at me - I looked his way
And then I - frightened - started backing away!

Little Sin had enormous grown!
He now claimed my house as his very own!
He spilled out, and up, covering my telephone
And sought to keep me cut off, and on my own!

"Alas! Alack!
Oh, Lord! Help me! Help me!
I'm back! I'm under attack!
I didn't realize what I was doing!
That Little Sin had crowded You Out
And now I can to You just barely shout!"

"Help me, Lord!
Oh, how I repent!
Incaution! Disregard!
Of these, Lord, I do repent!"

"Please help me, now
Dear Lord, I pray
For Little Sin is Big
And is determined in my house to stay!"

Oh, Child of Mine
I will rescue Thee!
Walk, cry, to Me -
I truly love Thee!
Your cry for help
Galvanizes Me, and
I will rescue
Rescue, rescue Thee!

Little Sin Big put up quite a fight
But my God was Lord -
He let in the Son Light!
And Little Sin Big
Was put out into the Night
And my home was rid
Of The Baleful Consuming Blight!

"I thank you, Lord
For You always save
Bless me, Lord, Keep me
Make me Your Slave!
Help me to walk
In Your Straight Holy Ways
And I know I will see You
In The Bright Day's Blaze

PRAYER: Sacrificial Lambs

Father, we have no money nor connections!
We can't build no underground lair!
We are #SimpleBelievers
Who need protection, Lord
From the minions of the Prince of the Power Of The Air!

Father, we love and we trust You!
We know that You will always provide!
Have mercy on us - we are praying
Let us in You safely abide!

We do not count our lives great trophies!
We are counted daily as Sacrificial Lambs
Keep record of our tears, and our blood, Lord
And accept us to The Great Reward!

Until then, Lord, we will keep praying and plodding!
We will work in the vineyards and the fields!
We will sing of the #GoodShipofZion
And worship You, Lord!
Bless us! We are down on our knees!

HAPPY SABBATH: God's People Must, Must, Mourn, and Sigh, and Cry! + Prayer


This is the Beginning of the End


The Nation Has Chosen 



Ungodly Rights


Sin-Loving Men!

There is no Law Court upon the Earth
That can bestow the right to dispose
The Written Law of God Above
Who blessed Mankind with - Sabbath and Marriage - His Holy Love!

Prophetic Words  were written long
Stating that God Almighty will soon come down
To redeem the Faithful, True, and Godly
Who love Him by keeping His Commandments happily!

Prophetic Words were also given
That at the Time of the End of Earth
That Man will seek God's name to erase
And give total reign to the Satanic Verse!

Evil will seek to make Sin appear Normal!
Evil will endeavor to make Righteousness to appear Strange!
Evil will cause Wrong to become Right
And, in so doing, unleash Hell's Darkness to try to obscure God's Light!

Personal Sin "blesses" with Public Satisfaction!
Public Satisfaction o'er Sin is become a Public Disgrace!
The Public Disgrace is become The National Sin
And The Nation will soon feel God's Wrath apace!

Do not celebrate!
Sigh, and aloud cry!
Mourn for the loss
Of the Nation's Sanity!
But ... for yourself
Afflict now your own Soul and
Ask the King, Jesus
To make you Him ready to behold!











Carry Your Clothes


He will the Rents Repair!

The Dirt and Other Uncleanness

He will gladly Wash Away!

There is NO CHARGE!

For The Service

If you Use His Company Always

He Guarantees Soul Perfection

Until the Passing


Your Days!

Next Scheduled Event: 
God's People Must Listen Actively To The Pope's Speeches in September 2015 at 
United Nations 
The United States Joint-Meeting of Congress
World Meeting Of Families Papal Mass*

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Charge Is Filed In The Court Of Heaven



Oh, Heavenly Father

You are our Lord and Our God
And we worship You!
Have Mercy on us!
Help us, Father, as Your Believing Children
To stand, firm, in the face of The Evil
That masquerades as Benevolence
To call it by its true name
And to be unafraid!
You are Holy, Lord!
Your Word is True!
You are Faithful!
Help us to live Faithful, Holy Lives
To be Kind to the Craven
And always to speak Truly Your Truth!

Once ... To Every Man And Nation. The Die Has Been Cast.


Romans 1:24-27King James Version (KJV)

24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.


Father, have mercy upon our Nation!
For We have chosen to defy 
Your Holy Word, Your Words of Love
For Favors from those 
Who call You a myth and a lie!

You are Holy, Lord!
You are Faithful - it is true!
Have mercy on your Praying People
For, Lord, we truly love You!

Have Mercy, Lord, on the #StrugglingToBeASaint
Those whose bodies are bringing them nigh to a faint
Grant them the Power of The Holy Spirit
To not let Willful Flesh against 
Your Will for their lives compete!

Lord, grant them The Power 
To deny that Sinful Lust!
Raise up within each Striving Soul 
A Spirit of Revulsion
To deny the Unclean Thing
And a Spirit of Obedience 
That will help them to seek always to do Your Will.

Father, help us all to Surrender our Selves 
To Your Leading, Lord
To do Your Bidding and
To preach and teach Your Truths
Without fear and trembling!
Oh, Father, save us 
From the fiery darts of The Evil One!
In Jesus' Precious Name
We ask these Mercies, Lord

Thursday, June 25, 2015

PRAYER: Father, I Don't Understand!

Father, #IAmReadingMyBible
And I know that Your Word, Lord, is true!
I don't, however, understand
Why Men want their own immortality
Instead of The Real that comes from Loving You?

I don't understand why men want the Spurious
Instead of seeking after The Real?
Why do they want Booty and Baubles
That just leave them rotting in Sin's Jail?

Lord, why should I settle for vain glory
When, with You, I get Glory for Real
Whilst men are lying and dying
For what is on the Minute Scale?

Father, what is their true motivation -
If it were honest they would truly love You?
Why do they choose Fleeting for Lasting
And Last Place instead of First Place with You?

Father, I know I am just a sinner
But ... a Sinner that is saved by Your Grace
So, Lord, please keep me the #FaithfulPilgrim
Who came out of The Darkness to live in The Light So True!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Road Of Faith!

I was walking down a road one day
I was looking for its sign
I looked, and looked, and then I saw
The tree-branch it stood behind!

This road was of a special sort
It lead somewhere truly important
And only those who travel there
Have been issued a Fairway To Life Warrant!

This Warrant gives permission for The Bearer
To travel onward - up - to God!
None else can travel on this road
Save he who has by #FaithInGod striven!

The Road of Faith leads upward
To The Living God
And all who stay The Distance
Enter into His Great Reward!


Would YOU care to walk with Me
To meet The Living God?

Drape yourself with Faith
Walk in Faith
Persevere through Faith
Live by Faith
Contend for The Faith
Pray for more Faith
Gentle Jesus' Love embrace
Let nothing from The Road You displace
And, soon, You will behold God's Face!

Thou, Fool!

Those rude and foolish Christians
Those enemies of the State
Would have men be faithful to a god
Who is seriously out of date!

Where is His taste and fashion?
What good has He recently done?
Will he give man right now immortality
Or, at least, long life as when the Earth was begun?

We don't really need that old God
Too many rules and thus saith's!
We want a god who is culturally relevant
Who is not afraid to do what we have said!

You see, within our social construct
We do as we see fit
Which is why we had no check stop on the table
When we biologically created a viable rat leg!

Oh, the praise that will rise when we reach the point that
We can create a working leg from man's own stem cells
Once we figure out the complex matrix
We won't need any god, so he will be permanently set aside as dead!

Why worship a god that we can't see
Who puts restrictions on our play
Who thinks himself so important
That he wants worship on his specified Sabbath day?

We are going to do like the French Family!
A whore on horseback will be our goddess of Reason!
We'll declare that there is no god!
We will legislate that any two may marry
And we will walk about however we want!

The only rule will be NO RULES!
Every man will be god in that day
And whatever happens, happens
But we will be enjoying our play!

Thou Fool!

Don't you know that you can't fight with the Almighty?
Don't you know that there is the devil to be paid?
Don't you know that God is His own accountant -
No transposition, no erasers, no computer information in the cloud mislaid?

Humble yourself before the Father!
Accept that Jesus is His Son!
Acknowledge that Holy Spirit is working
Without them you would nothing - not even early morning fog!

Stop following, believing, and behaving
Like Satan is really a god!
Heads up! He is just you deceiving
For he is nothing but a conniving, murderous, lying fraud!

Turn away, turn away from your evil!
#TurnToGod! He will forgive for He is not a man!
He made all that you are abusing
He made you - and he didn't need your help - little man!

Turn away from the path you are treading!
Turn away from your idolatrous ways!
Give the Lord His due - accept the Old Story
Or you will be cast out for burning 
In the Fire and Brimstone Lake!
No glory for YOU!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Faith Will Soon Be Realized!

Lord, for me, You are Home!
In You - I find Rest!
By You - I have Peace!
Because of You  - I have hope!
Through You  - I get Mercy for You provide Grace!
On Your Rock - I stand, and
On Your Righteousness - I  build my Faith!

One day, my Faith will be Realized!
My Trust will be Confirmed!
Your Truth will be Revealed!
My Lot will be Defined!
My Eye will clearly see, and 
I will be At Rest 
At Home!

My Feet will walk True!
My Sight will Soar
For my heart will be Eternally Fixed Upon You
Who, for me, bore
Being outcast from The Father
Derided by no love and great laughter 
To give me #LifeInTheHereafter
And here I stand with You, Dear Master,
My Lord and My God - I love You!

Monday, June 22, 2015


                                                                     The King IS Coming!

I hope he comes soon!                                  Get ready!

Nah! Perhaps tomorrow, or next week or ... He comes as a Thief in the night ...Unexpectedly!

SUDDENLY!                                                 SUDDENLY!!

Knock! Knock! Knock!                               Answer NOW!         
"Sandy! It is I!"                            Quickly! Invite Him in!

Oh, my! Just a moment! I am coming!

Oh, dear! Just a second! Let me light my lamp!

I can't see where I'm going! Trash blocking ...

Thump, thump, bump, draaaag ...          He's waiting on your welcome!

Are you still there?!                                      Open the Door!

I am trying to get the door open but there is so much rubbish in front of me!

Can you wait while I try to get it cleared away!         Just open the Door!

Hummph! Screech! Damn!                                      Get the Door!!

You didn’t hear me say that, okay?!                            Step over the RUBBISH!!

Knock! Knock! Knock!                                             He really wants you to let Him in!

I’m coming! I’m coming! Hold on!                             FORGET the TRASH! Get the Door!

Knock! Knock!                                                          Oh, how He loves you! Let Him in!!

Hooold on will yuh! I said I’m coming!

Draat! Steupse!

Sigh! So much stuff holding me back ...                      Let the trash go! You can't fix it yourself!

Don’t go! Please don’t go!  I'm coming!                    He's still waiting for you to let Him in!

Just give me some more time to fix things!!               Just open the Door: tell Him you're sorry!

Knock ...                                                                    For Heaven's sake! Just open the Door!

Quiet, so, so ... quiet ...

Then ... Sandy hears the footsteps walking away, and she starts to cry as though her heart is breaking.

She has longed for Him to come to her house, and she had made so many preparations that she had forgotten to put the Rubbish out for collection saying that she would rest it by the Door to take out just before He was to arrive.

Pity, He had arrived unexpectedly, and the Rubbish was piled in front of the Door and she couldn’t get the Door open and He had knocked, and knocked, and she had even gotten testy with Him, and He had knocked some more, and she was still trying to get her Door open, and now she remembered that He had said that when He would come by that she was to Open the Door for Him Immediately, and she had kept Him waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and He was now ... gone ...  and all hope of being His forever is lost!

Sob, sobb, sobbbb!

Sniffle, sniffle! Cough, cough!

Waaaiiiiillllll! Waaaiiiillllll!!

Mercy, Lord! Mercyyyyy!

But ... it is too, too, late.





Answer Him ... Without Delay!

Let Him in!

Tell Him ... Your Stress

Show Him ... Your Mess

Give Him ... Your Distress and







Dear Ones,

Please don't believe the Devil's Lie that we have to clean up our messes BEFORE Jesus will accept us!

We cannot, no way, no how, never, ever make ourselves clean, so don't try!

Jesus says: "Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I WILL give you rest!" 

He did not say that He COULD give rest! 

He said that He WILL give rest!

He did not say to put the labors and burdens aside!

He said: "COME!" ... AS YOU ARE!

This clearly means that your labors and burdens are CURED in Him, whether in mind, body or Spirit (mental, physical, spiritual)! He WILL cure ALL! 

He loves us, and wants us in His Home, and that means He will fix things so that we may cleanly enter in!

Trust Him, and ANSWER Him, TODAY!