Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Life Of Only FUN!?!

If your life is only about having FUN, it is because you are:

F eeling
U nnaturally
N eedy!

#MeetJESUS! - and you will no longer be needy
Nor needing artificial entertainments
To make your life livable!
You will forever after live a Life of Calm Contentment
No longer contending as a character in caricature
Nor costumed campily to cavort crazily
In devilish delight
In Satan's cartoon comedy
Or demonic dramedy.

Choose JESUS and receive:

1. Justification in Him, and Joy for Living
2. An Enlivening Education in His Word Which Elevates One to Long For Eternity
3. Sanctification, and Courage to Perform Service Through Personal Sacrifice
4. Understanding Through Grace, and a Willingness to Be Used Of God, and
5. Merciful Sustenance Which Satisfies The Longing Soul!